Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Best thing - Cardboard Furniture for your Next event! AND, blogging our Vendor Audits!

So, the best thing I walked away from the Green Event Summit was the Cardboard Furniture for your next event! The one listed in the photo below was from Go Green Displays. Another one I found was

AND, I haven't found it yet, but one of the best suggestions for Special Events was to make your vinyl banners for backdrops or step&repeats, there is a vendor out there that you can send your banner to and they will make them into bags for you, purses, small totes, etc.! I'm searching so I can post for you all.

ALSO, we've decided that we will be blogging about all of our Audits... You know those random picks to be audited to see if they are really green and are listed in our directory. We will be taking photos and blogging about our experience! So, stay tuned for July's visits...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

CAL Green Pages at the Green Event Summit!

So, we're here and publicizing our Directory. The response has been great! So, I'm sure you're asking when is the website up? Well, it's up! How exciting is that? We are stoked and busily upgrading and still tweaking here and there. Make sure you get signed up to get listed in the Green Pages!

We will post later with more details about our experience here at the Green Event Summit.

But, the coolest thing so far has been learning about the Discovery Network's launch (June 4th) of their new channel - PLANET GREEN! How exciting is that?

PS - Yes, we purchased a Terra Pass offered as part of Expedia's ticket policy to offset our carbon footprint.