Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TIP: Return on Green


The economy has not been the best in the past few months. Stocks are down, retirement accounts are depleting, and returns on investments are not as it once was. Gold and government bond investing is on the rise as these are one of the safest investments; however, considering another strategy: investing in energy efficiency.

You can get a better return on investment than many stock bets if you invest your dollars in saving energy, even when the market is bullish. Some of you might already have this, but installing solar panelsis one form of long-term investment that can yield a much better rate of return than most stock investments. This may not work for everyone, but if your house has a south-facing roof that gets sun, then this is a worthwhile investment, especially with all of the U.S. government incentives and rebates being formed by the new administration. In addition, you make up the investment in savings on your energy bill. As temperature variations are more prevalent now, it certainly is a good idea to be energy independent.

Perhaps you've considered leaving your car in your garage and investing in subway or bus passes because public transit is a bargain for many commuters. But if you love to drive and public transportation is not an option depending on where you live, considering buying a fuel-efficient model. For example, if you're driving an SUV, the average driver pays about $4K. Replace your current car for a hybrid and you're paying just $1000 per year, a savings of $3K. You'd be paying off your investment in the seventh year, and see a 13% return in the eighth year. To get more accurate comparison of models, go to www.fueleconomy.gov.

And lastly, get a home energy audit. Many Americans can cut their bill in half by taking the advice of a home energy auditor. Some utilities even offer home energy audits for free. Fee-based professional services are also available or you can do it yourself. The cost of implementing the recommendations, such as re-insulating to installing new windows, and the savings will provide an impressive return on investment.

So take some of these considerations when you consider investing in something that will enhance your lifestyle as well as becoming energy efficient and saving money.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009


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